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Gran CM offers a customized experience to its clients, each project is analyzed and broken into parameters in order to provide the ideal specialist or team of specialists with the correct skills and expertise to execute each project regardless of its complexity.


Transitioning an aircraft from one operator to another or CAMO & viceversa requires a team of skilled and experienced professionals to take care of the operational and maintenance records while matching defects physically on the spot; aircraft transitions are Gran CM’s specialty with staff members that have worked for ATR and Airbus 320 / 330 & 340. Considering the level of engineering it demands we recommend a minimum of 4 or more specialists for large aircraft and 3 for light aircraft.

This regional jet is one of the favorites for short distances in almost all over the world, it consists of a high wing turboprop engine aircraft that can be also used as a freighter.

Number of specialists that Gran CM recommends for this type of transition: 3.

Minimum Time required for job close-up: 3 – 4 WY subject to the condition of aircraft and feedback.

Airbus aircraft model are indeed a wonder of modern air transportation, it’s functional design and engineering are continuously improving and being revised. 

Number of specialists that Gran CM recommends for this type of transition: 4.

Minimum Time required for job close-up: 4 – 6 WY subject to the condition of aircraft and feedback.

Aircraft transitions involve LDND, AD/SB, HT, OCCM, LLP BTB analysis, for airframe, engines, gears, APU which requires specialists with a high level of experience and expertise on the aircraft model in the subject.


At the end of a pre-purchase or mid-lease inspection Gran CM is responsible to provide a full photographic and technical report. The duration of the inspection depends on how long our specialists are allowed to access the aircraft and aircraft technical records, for these type of inspections 5 hours access to the asset is enough.


Continuing airworthiness management organizations are in charge of executing audits, organizing technical and operational documentation, engineering is crucial for this type of organizations.  They are able to provide the maintenance forecasts, customize their AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Program), control compliance of airworthiness directives and service bulletins.

– Line Planning

– Project Management

– Heavy Maintenance Planning

– Technical Records audit

– Aircraft Transition


GranCM Technical representatives are decision makers during aircraft maintenance inputs, engine shop visits, landing gear shop visits, borescope inspections, etc.
The presence of a representative helps to control and speed up any process related to the asset, it’s major components shop visits, maintenance inputs, etc.


 GranCM offers asset management services that include: lease compliance, reporting, records inspection oversight, physical inspections and more. We pay close attention to airworthiness and maintenance costs.


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