Digital Solutions

The idea of bringing digital tools easy to understand from using a google sheet as a back end and wordpress as front end to more complex tools was always fascinating and of big interest for GranCM and it’s network members since it simply makes life easier.

Gran CM partnering up with strategical partners in the IT industry developing from a simple control system inside an excel spreadsheet to a complete system brings to you sophisticated digital tools that take care of your business financial and airworthiness wise.

What are the benefits?

1. Be able to have the overview of your company’s asset now without boundaries, no matter the number of aircraft, parts, AMP or MPD revisions have past.

2. No way to lose a task compliance since the system controls it for you and including the minor details from aeronautical parts to dangerous goods.

3. Choose the way you want to be notified, interval, mail, system only.

4. Easy transition. It is easy to upload or download data to start running the system you need. 

Having this said, we invite small and medium business to think about using the valuable help of today’s digital tools, it does not matter if you started a small CAMO business, or you are simply auditing an aircraft transition and you think it is time to expand your capabilities, it is the time to do it.

Daniel Granja

GranCM Founder