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Gran CM capability for remote services is wide

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Gran CM capability for remote services is wide and keeps you updated on a daily basis progress, direct communication and monitoring for a satisfactory result.

Sometimes it is not necessary to send a specialist to a different spot of the world if you want to look into paperwork or analyze an AD/SB, we do it for you.


Gran CM specialists studies and brakes contracts/agreements into parameters in terms of a technical perspective indicating any possible hidden fees or conditions that can be applied within the whole agreement. We specialize in:

– Heavy Maintenance Check Agreements
– Shop Visit Agreements
– Line Maintenance Agreements
– Aircraft Lease agreements
– Maintenance Reserves agreements


Status build up and analysis of airworthiness directives applicable to your specific aircraft.

Analysis Example. Criteria to be analyzed:

Effectivity: Make sure your aircraft is affected or not by the AD.
Compliance date: When do you have to accomplish the corrective actions or inspection as applicable (deadlines).

MODs & Parts: Which modifications (SB or shop visit MOD) must be applied and/or parts replaced to give a terminative action to the AD.
Manpower: Man hours and type of manpower needed to execute the corrective actions.

Tools: Segregate the list of tools needed for the job.


We make sure you have the correct information between the mapping D&B list and DFPs for each repair or damage.


Maintenance program customization, revision updates, cross reference with the Operator’s or CAMO’s AMP or last done next due (LDND).


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