Technical Representation

What does it mean?

It is to represent an entity, organization or a person during a technical event OR an event that requires the presence of a specialist who can act in behalf of the owner or operator of an asset (aircraft).

In general a technical representative in the aviation industry is in charge of overseeing and making decisions during the following list of events in behalf of the client:

Technical Repairs / Shop visits:

Inspection/repair/overhaul : Landing Gear │ Aircraft Engines │ Avionics │ Control Surfaces │ Leading Edge. Maintenance Heavy maintenance │ Light Maintenance │ Planning/CAMO │ Engineering Special Tasks Engine borescope inspections │ Engine preservation │ Propeller blade overhauls │ etc.

What is the essence?

1. The mission or the job of a technical representative in the aviation sphere during the mentioned events, is to analyze each and every regulatory requirements established by the airworthiness authorities from the countries where the asset is registered or operating, this in order to guarantee the compliance itself.

Why do companies need it?

1. To avoid economic loss due to factors that do not compromise the airworthiness of the asset, the reason-examples we can find are:

1.1. Usage based on : Calendar date aging │ Flight hours │ Flight cycles

1.2 Paperwork. Here the specialist first considers the contractual points before going through the audit in order to optimize the time used during the negotiation of a final invoice; there are cases where a major component has a missing NIS (Non Incident Statement) or ICS (Aircraft Incident Clearance Statement) and therefore requires to be re-certified through a process of a tracing-audit and inspection which does not come for free.

1.3 Physical presence. Believe it or not, there is a big difference when the interested parts have their technical representative on-site where all the process is taking place; data is being retrieved every minute which is at the end of the day summarized with the points of importance for the represented, and if in case a big decision has to be made, this is message immediately with the pros and cons of taking that decision from a technical and maintenance costs point of view. For more details of how this job is done, contact us.

Gran CM offers a long range of services within the aviation consultancy sphere, from Engine field and shop services through EASA B1│B2, Aeronautic composite repair specialists to CAMO/airworthiness engineering.

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