Hiring Consultants

The pandemic has changed the ways we do things today for at least 80% of the population, carrying a mask everywhere already represents a change. It has also changed the way consultants work. Traveling restrictions made it particularly difficult for a company to send a consultant physically from one country to another. Thus, it has turned to be easier to reach local consultants, this way opening job opportunities as well as not so obvious, at first sight, questions about quality. One would agree that engaging consultants in the project is great, but doing the job with expert consultants is even better.

Providing and keeping services to a new client first time is always the hardest, but once you have managed to perform excellent during a service, once you’ve proven a high expertise and meet Quality Standards of the hiring company, only then this service becomes liable, strong and long lasting for all parties involved.

All of this happens for a reason. The organizations’ Quality Standards represent shared vision and understanding of procedures, and vocabulary needed to meet the expectations of their stakeholders.

Of course, it is all relative but consultants in general may be divided into professional and expert. Let’s draw the line between these two.

1. Professional

It is not necessary to know about nuclear science to understand the difference between experienced and non experienced professionals, but we will go through some of the bases.

2. Expert

Experience brings time efficiency, assertiveness and liability. An expert helps you ensure cost savings.

What is done today, will be unveiled during the next heavy maintenance check or aircraft transition.

The phenomenon is like the virus: it lives in there, and when uncovered, it is to cause a lot of damage. For instance, a bad audit can mean missing a mandatory modification that had to be done on a floor beam and cause a month delay on operations while the tickets are booked and there is no other plane at the operator’s disposal to substitute the affected aircraft. ACMI leasing and charters are the heroes here in most of the cases.

I’ve witnessed numerous millionaire discounts after having an expert consultant review an engine shop visit work-scope against the invoice. Besides, I’ve been involved myself in auditing heavy check’s invoice items, and I must say that it is easy to hit several hundred thousands of dollars in claims, and sometimes, millions of dollars, depending on the size of the aircraft and the nuances, if an expert consultant is in charge of the project.

To have a clear comparison of what to consider, let’s start from the project management triangle overview:

From the above, it becomes clear that a higher quality must be recognized with a higher pay, otherwise if the quality of the service is low, it can be costly:

Specialist Recognition:

While the Quality of the Service is higher, the time demanded for the job reduces, therefore, the graph has a dynamic representation:

Consultancy Service performance:

The next time you want to ensure cost savings: Consult with Experts.